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Yellow mix cake, Vanilla butter cake and Dominican cake are all vanilla cakes but it depends on your taste and what you grow up eating, the texture, flavor and moisture are different on all of them so you have the option to choose. Only choose Dominican cake if you have tried it before and like it.

- Yellow cake Mix (This cake has the texture of a regular yellow cake mix but made from scratch with a mixture of oil and butter, moist and spongy)
- Vanilla butter cake (This cake is made with lots of butter and pure vanilla, the texture is a moist pound cake texture)
- Dominican cake (Texture similar to a Pound cake made with lots of butter and egg yolks, rich and very flavorful, we use vanilla imported from the Dominican Republic)

- Wendy’s specialty cake (Three layer cake, One layer vanilla, one chocolate and one red velvet with white chocolate cream cheese and dulce de leche (caramel) Picture below
- Vanilla Oreos cake (Your choice of butter cake or yellow mix cake with oreos)
- Pink velvet
- Red velvet
- Chocolate
- Chocolate Oreos
(chocolate cake with Oreos inside)
- Vanilla chocolate chip
- Chocolate chocolate chip
- Strawberry
(Moist strawberry cake with pieces of strawberry inside)
- Marble cake (Combination of vanilla and chocolate cake)
- White cake
- Lemon cake
- Mocha cake

- Blueberry cake
- Raspberry cake
- Banana cake
- Pineapple cake
- Cherry
- Vanilla confetti
- Vanilla multi color

-Vanilla custard
- Caramel custard
- Cannoli filling
- Cookies and cream
- Dulce de leche ( Thick caramel)
- Strawberry custard (Smooth custard flavor strawberry)
- Strawberry Jam (homemade)
- Banana custard
- White chocolate cream cheese
- Pineapple (Homemade)
- Guayaba (Guava)
- Chocolate cream cheese

- Blueberries Jam (homemade)
- Raspberry jam (homemade)
- Coconut custard

Buttercream flavors for filling only
Our buttercream is our own recipe, it's different than regular buttercream, we don't use powder sugar so is very smooth and not too sweet.

Vanilla Buttercream
Strawberry buttercrea
Banana flavor buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Peanut butter Buttercream
Nutella Buttercream
Raspberry Buttercream
Pineapple Buttercream
Mocha Buttercream

You can also add the following to your fillings for extra charge.
- Fresh bananas (This goes with vanilla custard or banana custard)
- Fresh strawberry
(when in season)
- Blueberries (When in season)
- Oreos

Combinations of cake and filling

- Any vanilla cakes would go well with any of our fillings.
- Red velvet goes well with white chocolate cream cheese and cannoli filling and cookies and cream.
- All of our fruit flavors cake will go well with our vanilla custard and our vanilla buttercream, some can be combine with other fruits filling depending on your taste.
- Strawberry cake goes really well with banana custard and fresh bananas.

Wendy's Specialty Cake
Vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cake
with White chocolate cream cheese
and Dulce de leche filling (caramel) Vanilla and chocolate cake

Marble Cake
Marble cake

Vanilla with oreos

Red velvet cake

Pink velvet

Vanilla cake

Pineapple cake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate Oreos

Mocha cake

Lemon cake

Cookies and cream filling

Guava and Pineapple filling

Raspberry custard filling